Pot Shop Owner In Eastern Washington Opens Doors, Defying Local Ban

Jun 1, 2015

A marijuana shop owner in Clarkston, Washington, opened his doors Friday in defiance of the city’s ban on pot sales.

Marijuana is legal in Washington, but Clarkston is among several dozen cities that have put a stop to legal weed inside city limits.

A red open house sign and balloons beckoned Clarkston residents to experience the shop, Canna4Life. Inside, dozens of people browsed the shelves and asked questions about marijuana.

By lunch time some of the products were sold out.

“We did have one thing on special today, and that was the pre-rolled joints,” said Canna4Life Kelly Jackson.

“We’re just giving the voters of Clarkston a chance to view what a legal marijuana shop would look like,” he added

This is despite the fact that Jackson could face fines and even jail time for selling marijuana. He has a license from the state, but the city won’t give him a permit to do any more than sell marijuana paraphernalia.

Jackson insists he’ll keep operating until the city shuts him down.