Washington State Agriculture Plates Up Trade Opportunities During China Leader's Visit

Sep 22, 2015

Washington’s second largest industry, agriculture, is looking for a place at the negotiation table Tuesday with Chinese President Xi Jinping.

In the last couple of years, China’s become one of the world’s top beef importers. They get their cuts from many countries -- but not the U.S. since 2003 when mad cow disease was found in a Holstein in central Washington.

Washington also wants to get its fresh potatoes and blueberries into Chinese markets and restaurants. Just this year all varieties of Washington apples were accepted into China. So how to do more of that?

On Tuesday Washington State Department of Agriculture director Derek Sandison will speak on a panel about farming. And the menu at Tuesday night’s presidential dinner will feature Ste. Michelle wines, chanterelle mushrooms and a pan-seared choice cut of northwest beef.