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Washington Legislature

President Donald Trump has made immigration a top issue. But one of his campaign promises has a Republican state senator in Washington concerned.

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This is the week undocumented students in Washington will become eligible for state college tuition aid. The Real Hope Act is just one of dozens of new state laws that take effect Thursday, 90 days after the Washington Legislature adjourned.

Washington Governor Signs The Real Hope Act

Feb 27, 2014
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Washington is now the fourth state in the nation to give college students who are in the country illegally access to state-funded financial aid.

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A late vote in the Washington legislature has the children of immigrants cheering - literally.

Washington Legislature

A bipartisan plan in the Washington legislature to give undocumented students access to college aid is coming under fire.

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The state of Washington could soon become the fourth in the nation -- after California, Texas and New Mexico -- to allow the children of illegal immigrants to qualify for state-funded college financial aid.