washington state ferries

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Washington State Ferries has come up with a plan to replace more than half of its fleet with new, electric-powered ferries. But the new plan faces hurdles from a cost standpoint and limited shipyard capacity.

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Now that electric cars are a common sight on the nation's highways, and prototypes exist for electric trucks and airplanes, could electric ferries be next?

The 2018 state transportation budget signed by Washington Gov. Jay Inslee Tuesday includes money to look at converting some of the state ferry fleet.

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David Moseley, the head of Washington State Ferries, announced Tuesday that he will step down on April 15 after six years on the job.

Washington State Ferries

The nation's biggest ferry system is aiming to convert some of its fleet from diesel to natural gas propulsion.

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Last Friday, a large ferry collided with a sailboat, sinking that much smaller craft.

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Washington's most famous ferries are in Puget Sound. But another, inland ferry operated by the state has been quietly shuttling cars across the Columbia River since 1948. And Wednesday, that ferry crossing got a badly needed update.

No new boat ceremony would be complete without breaking a bottle over the bow. But it took a few tries to actually break this bottle.

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Fares on Washington state ferries are going up again. The Washington State Transportation Commission approved a two-stage increase Tuesday afternoon.

The fare increases are designed to meet a $328 million revenue target set by the Washington Legislature.