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Mall Shooting Victim Expected To Survive

PORTLAND – Two people, plus the suspected shooter, are dead after police say a gunman opened fire at a crowded shopping mall in suburban Portland Tuesday.

An ambulance took one survivor of the attack to OHSU Medical Center in Portland. The young woman is expected to survive.

When initial reports came in of a possible mass shooting at the Clackamas Town Center shopping mall, doctors and nurses at OHSU jumped into action. Chief Medical Officer Charles Kilo said the hospital opened up an incident command center, the same way they would if there was a large earthquake or other mass casualty event.

"In this case we didn't know what the situation was going to be at the beginning. All we knew was the reports that were coming out. So we were preparing for the worst," Kilo said.

In the end just one patient came to the hospital, and she arrived in stable enough condition that she didn't need to go into emergency surgery. Kilo says the woman is in her late teens, and that her family was quickly by her side.