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On Tuesday afternoon, a water-scooping airplane working a fire in northeastern Washington state crashed. The pilot walked away with minor injuries.

It’s an Air Tractor 802, also known as a Fire Boss -- it looks like a crop duster on floats. It scooped 800 gallons of water from the Columbia River and was on its way to the Horns Mountain Fire when it went down.

Fires across the region have blanketed the Northwest in smoke. Blazes in California and British Columbia are also adding to the thick, reddish-gray haze.  

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Central Washington University on Tuesday fired Republican state Rep. Matt Manweller from his position as a tenured professor of political science following a months-long investigation into his conduct toward students. 

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The Federal Communications Commission is considering a rule change for licenses normally reserved for education and public broadcasting.

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  It was a wild weekend for wildfire in the Northwest. A cold front brought lightning and high winds -- but no rain -- to the region east of the Cascades already plagued by extremely dry conditions.


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As hot weather continues to plague the Northwest, officials are on the lookout for heat-related illnesses among wildland firefighters.

At an early morning briefing for the Silver Lake fire outside Spokane, Operations Chief Cody Montgomery gives a reminder.

“So, let’s keep hydrated, a whole lot of water, a little bit of Gatorade,” he told crew leaders.

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The U.S. Drought Monitor says the entire state of Washington is abnormally dry. In Oregon, nearly 90 percent of the state is facing moderate to severe drought


“What we’re experiencing is part of what the entire western united states is experiencing,” Kristin Johnson-Waggoner said. She’s a Communications Manager with the Water Resources Program in Washington Department of Ecology.

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Less than 200 years ago, the easiest way to get around a lot of the Pacific Northwest was by canoe. The first American steamship to provide regular service among Puget Sound ports arrived in 1853.

This small steamship, propelled by paddlewheels attached to its sides, was called the Fairy. But its success was short-lived. It soon blew up and sank.

Washington Republican Congresswoman Cathy McMorris Rodgers speaking at the 2015 Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in National Harbor, Maryland.
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Washington Republicans are regrouping after a primary election pounding Tuesday that extended beyond swing districts to rock-ribbed GOP pockets of the state.

Washington Legislature

Embattled Democratic state Rep. David Sawyer of Tacoma was in third place in early primary returns Tuesday night, an indication of the political fallout he’s facing over numerous allegations of inappropriate behavior toward women and an investigation that found he violated House harassment policy.