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National Institute of Mental Health

The day after Christmas is the deadline for the state of Washington to end a practice known as psychiatric “boarding.”


Washington Governor Jay Inslee says by the year 2020, he wants to cut the number of new HIV infections in half.

Idaho A Medical Destination For Canadian Boomers

Nov 28, 2014
Jessica Robinson / Northwest News Network

A hospital in North Idaho is marketing itself to Canadian tourists -- medical tourists, that is.

Anna King / Northwest News Network

Small-town hospitals and clinics across the Northwest are scrambling to prepare for Ebola.


Each day now, travelers are arriving home to the Northwest who may have been exposed to Ebola. In Oregon, a woman who has come back from West Africa was just hospitalized Friday with a fever. 

Courtesy photo

Across the Northwest medical professionals are getting ready for Ebola.


People are lining up to buy legal marijuana in Washington state. Now the question is how to convince kids not to touch the stuff.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Public health authorities in Washington and Idaho are now investigating at least 79 cases of a serious respiratory illness that affects children.

Cover Oregon Officials Set To Face State Lawmakers

Sep 12, 2014
Cover Oregon

The leaders of Oregon's struggling health insurance exchange will be grilled by state lawmakers in a series of hearings at the capitol on Monday and Tuesday.

New figures on weight show Idaho stands out among Western states -- but not in the way public health officials would like.