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Tom Banse / Northwest News Network

Would you let your smartphone share your location if it meant that one day you could come to a stranger's rescue?

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Idaho ranks consistently among the top states with the highest rates of youth suicide in the nation.

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Oregon will become the first state in the nation to let patients get up to a year's worth of prescription birth control at a time.

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The court battle over wait times for Washington jail inmates to get mental health competency exams is not over.

Idaho Fish and Game

Officials from the Idaho Department of Health and Welfare are asking people to take precautions around ground squirrels after a squirrel south of Boise tested positive for plague.

Daniela Alejandra Robles / Wikimedia Commons

Oregon lawmakers will consider a proposal that would allow women to get oral contraceptives and contraceptive patches without a doctor's prescription.

National Institute of Mental Health

Washington Governor Jay Inslee has signed several new mental health laws in recent days. The question is whether they will be funded.

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Mentally ill inmates continue to languish in Washington jails despite a recent federal judge’s ruling that the practice is unconstitutional.

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It’s been nearly two years since Joel Reuter fired a pistol from his condo balcony and was shot to death by Seattle police. Thursday, Governor Jay Inslee signed “Joel’s Law.”

Austin Jenkins / Northwest News Network

By 2018, the state of Washington should have a treasure trove of data on the cost and quality of health care.