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FBI Releases Videos Of Serial Killer To Find Unknown Victims

FBI. Israel Keyes, suspected of 11 murders, killed himself in December 2012.

The FBI is hoping a more detailed timeline and newly released video will revive a stalled investigation into a serial killer suspected of 11 murders -- four of them in Washington state. Israel Keyes committed suicide last year in an Alaska jail cell before agents could identify all his victims.

Israel Keyes was caught in 2012 after he kidnapped, raped and murdered a barista named Samantha Koenig in Anchorage. The 34-year-old Keyes told investigators he crisscrossed the country, keeping stashes of murder supplies in strategic locations, and killed strangers, often in remote areas.

The FBI has now released video of those interviews.

Keyes claimed to have dumped at least one body in Lake Crescent, which is hundreds of feet deep, in Olympic National Park.

Rick Grabenstein, an investigator with the Washington Attorney General's office, hopes the public can help piece together the vague clues Keyes left behind. “Obviously we pretty much got everything out of Israel Keyes we’re going to get because he is deceased. And anything that jogs somebody’s memory might help.”

The FBI also released a map with Keyes' hotel reservations, flight schedule and car rentals over a 16 year period.

Keyes also claimed to have killed a couple in Washington and buried them somewhere near an unidentified valley. The FBI says they've ruled out the deaths of Mary Cooper and her daughter Susanna Stodden on July 11, 2006 on the Pinnacle Lake Trail in Snohomish County, Wash.

Keyes claimed his first crime was along the Deschutes River near Maupin, Ore., in the late 1990s, when he raped a teenage girl, but didn't kill her.

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