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Demonstrators Join Pasco's Cinco De Mayo Parade

Olivia Weitz
Tri-Cities Community Solutions decorated a float with images of Antonio Zambrano-Montes for the Pasco Cinco de Mayo parade.

Demonstrators joined Pasco's Cinco de Mayo parade Saturday. The parade route passed just a few blocks from the site of a police shooting that left an unarmed man dead in February.

The group Tri-Cities Community Solutions decorated a float with his name and picture.

“All right. Let’s hear it for everyone in the parade. Let’s make some noise people," an announcer called out, amid cheers and shouts of "No Es Justo" from the crowd.

"Our group built a float," said marcher Alicia Coria of Pasco. "We have the Mexican and American flags, as well. We have two banners hanging down from them that say ‘Justice for Antonio Zambrano-Montes,’ and in Spanish it’d be ‘Justiciapara Antonio Zambrano-Montes.’”

"Based on what's happening elsewhere in the country, we think it's long past due that charges are brought against the three officers," said Jeremy Peterson of Kennewick. "And so today isn’t necessarily a protest. We’re just joining in this parade. We want to keep the conversation in the community going.”

An investigation of the shooting is ongoing. Another march is planned for this Saturday in Pasco to mark three months since Antonio Zambrano-Montes was shot.