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Released Prisoner Charged With Homicide Should Have Still Been Locked Up When Girlfriend Was Killed

Washington Department of Corrections
Aerial view of the Washington Corrections Center in Shelton, where Robert T. Jackson, Jr. was released early by mistake in August 2015.

A man who was released from a Washington prison early by mistake is charged with killing a mother of two when he should have still been locked up.

Charging papers say Robert Terrance Jackson, Jr., 38, walked into his girlfriend Lindsay Hill’s Bellevue apartment last month bloody with one shoe off. Hill’s 13-year-old son saw Jackson was not walking straight and seemed “off.” The boy ran outside and found his mother’s body inside Jackson’s crashed black Lexus.

Police came, found Jackson and arrested him. He's now held in King County jail charged with vehicular homicide.

Witnesses had seen Hill hanging out the passenger window of a black Lexus half an hour earlier in downtown Seattle. She was being hit. Her things were being tossed from the car.

This happened on November 11. Jackson should have still been in prison until December 6, but he’d been out since August 10. He’s one of 3,200 prisoners who were freed early due to a glitch in Washington Department of Corrections computers, Washington state's Department of Corrections revealed the glitch last week, and said it will be fixed in January.

Lindsay Hill had two sons. Her friends call her vivacious and wonderfully caring on a fundraising website set up in her memory. Washington Governor Jay Inslee called her death "gut-wrenching and heartbreaking."