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Immigration Policies In Some Northwest Cities Clash With Federal Approach

U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement
File photo. The Trump administration's new immigration policy calls for assistance from local law enforcement.

The Department of Homeland Security this week released further details on the Trump administration’s immigration policy. It calls on local law enforcement for assistance. But not all Northwest cities are willing to comply.

For the last several weeks, rumors of raids by Immigration and Customs Enforcement have been flying across eastern Washington, and there’s concern local law enforcement is helping.

“We are there to assist ICE, should they need something specific, but the policy for the city of Spokane is very clear about the fact that we don’t stop and detain anybody based solely on upon that, that we’re not basically seeking illegal folks,” Spokane Police Department spokesman Shane Phillips said.

Washington has also moved to shield immigration data from federal agencies.

In Oregon, Gov. Kate Brown issued an executive order earlier this month that prohibits state agencies and employees from assisting federal immigration officials.