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Escaped Washington Inmate On The Run, Last Seen In Portland

Washington Department of Corrections
Maksim Petrovskiy escaped Tuesday from a wildfire work crew near Goldendale, Washington, and may be in Portland.

A prisoner who escaped Tuesday from a wildfire work crew in Washington state is still on the run. The Washington Department of Corrections said Maksim Petrovskiy may be in Portland.

DOC spokesman Jeremy Barclay said that’s where Tyray Munter, who also escaped, was caught Wednesday morning.

Credit Washington Department of Corrections
Washington Department of Corrections
Tyray Munter escaped Tuesday from a wildfire work crew near Goldendale, Washington. He was arrested without incident in Portland on Wednesday morning.

“Eventually they make a mistake, they tend to be out in public like Mr. Munter,” Barclay said. “The key here is diligence in individuals in calling 911 as soon as they might have seen him.”

Last night someone did see them and told Portland police. Surveillance footage shows the man police believe to be Petrovskiy with a nearly-shaved head. 

Munter is now booked into Multnomah County Jail.

The Department of Corrections and the Department of Natural Resources operate a joint program to send prisoners to wildfire crews.

Barclay says if you see Petrovskiy, do not approach. Contact the Olympic Corrections Center or call 911.