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Crews Taking Offensive On Idaho's Beaver Creek Fire

InciWeb. The Beaver Creek Fire in Idaho is still a long way from being contained.

The estimated cost of fighting Idaho’s Beaver Creek Fire now tops more than $11 million. Fire crews near Sun Valley, Idaho say the blaze has become manageable but is a long way from contained.

The mood at Baker’s Spike camp has changed almost over night. There is now a feeling of optimism. Crews are feeling like they can take an offensive stance against the fire instead of a defensive one. They have enough resources now where they can plan ahead and anticipate where the fire might go next, while they’re also attacking the fire.

More evacuations have been lifted today around the town of Hailey and so far only one house overall has been burned by this fire.

However there is an unknown on the horizon. Storms could be bringing lightning, rain, wind or all of the above. And it’s unclear what that means for the fire outlook.”

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