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Crisis Response Dogs Are Important Tools For Victims Of Landslide

Kyle Stokes
Pickles is Raquel Lackey's three-year-old, specially-trained crisis response dog.

Dogs are playing a unique role in the aftermath of the landslide in Snohomish County, Wash.

All week, crisis response K-9s have made appearances around Arlington and Darington communities. The dogs are specially trained to connect with people dealing with disasters.

Raquel Lackey stands with her crisis response dog, Pickles, a three year old black lab.

“Basically we pick dogs that are not shaken by emotionally charged people. The dog is able to connect with people where another human cant.”

Lackey says the dogs help both children and adults process what they have just been through.

This isn’t the only case of K-9s contributing to the relief efforts of the slide. Dogs have also been very important in the search and rescue efforts. They have identified as the most effective search tool in the muddy terrain.