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Washington Governor Asks For Cooperation With Fire Evacuation Requests

Washington State Department of Transportation

More than a dozen wildfires in eastern Washington and eastern Oregon continue to threaten homes and cause numerous road closures. Washington Governor Jay Inslee Friday asked residents near those fires to heed evacuation notices when issued.

"I know there is a desire to protect one's home and one's buildings," Inslee said. "But this is not a moment to push the envelope with garden hoses and the like."

Inslee says he is particularly concerned about the Carlton Complex, a fast-spreading blaze in north-central Washington's Okanogan County.

"This fire is so overpowering. Our forests are so dry. The winds are so fresh, that this is not a matter of assets," Inslee said. "There are not enough assets available in any dimension to stop the spread of this fire. So we have had to focus on personal safety."

At last report, that blaze has destroyed around 100 homes in the lower Methow Valley and around Pateros.

Inslee says the state has requested federal assistance to get more firefighting resources. The Washington National Guard is also putting troops on standby.

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