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Comic Book Aims To Boost Earthquake Preparedness

Dark Horse Comics

Emergency managers in Oregon have a new tool to educate the public about earthquake preparedness. It's a comic book. And it's co-produced by one of the nation's top comic book publishers.

The comic is ominously called "Without Warning." It's the tale of a teen on the Oregon coast who's separated from her family after a major earthquake and tsunami.

The Oregon Office of Emergency Management turned to the Portland-area's Dark Horse Comics to produce the 12-page booklet. Dark Horse is known for such titles as “Hellboy” and “Buffy the Vampire Slayer.”

Ian Holt works the counter at Borderlands Games in Salem. He said this earthquake safety comic could actually work.

"The artwork is pretty good. Very good quality,” Holt said. “I think it's simple enough to get the message across for the entire purpose of the comic."

Spoiler alert: The girl in the comic survives the quake and reunites with her family. After all, she was prepared.

Emergency management officials hope other teens will read the comic and take steps to get themselves and their family ready for the Big One.