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Oregon Lawmaker Proposes Grant Program For School Safety

SALEM, Ore. – Oregon lawmakers will consider a bill next year aimed at improving security measures at K-12 schools. Representative Mitch Greenlick says he has 16 co-sponsors on a proposal to create a state grant program for districts to tap into.

The Portland Democrat says the money could be used for things like video monitoring and keycard access systems for school entryways. Schools could also build perimeter fencing. Greenlick says even if the grant program doesn't cover every school in Oregon, it could still spur changes.

"One of the most important functions would be to get the school districts just to look at their security infrastructure, for them to become very explicit about the safety of their kids and their teachers."

On the other side of the aisle, a Republican state lawmaker is urging schools to arm some teachers or school administrators. Dennis Richardson hasn't submitted his idea as a bill, but he described the proposal Monday in an email to constituents.