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Oregon House Votes To End 'Lunch Shaming'

File photo. A bill in the Oregon House aims to prevent so-called ''lunch shamin'' in Oregon Schools.

The Oregon House unanimously passed a bill Wednesday that aims to prevent so-called “lunch shaming” in Oregon Schools.

?The bill requires that unless a student’s parent or guardian has provided written permission, kids in Oregon must be provided with a meal under the USDA’s school lunch program regardless of whether the student has money or owes money for meals.

“There are some school districts, which do do the stamp – they put a stamp on the kids’ hand, so that when the kid goes home, the parents see that and say ‘Oh, I need to get that lunch bill.’ Other kids know that and so it’s caused some repercussions,” said bill cosponsor, Republican Rep. Mike McLane of Powell Butte.

If Gov. Kate Brown signs it, the bill would prohibit school staff from publicly identifying students who owe lunch money. Staff would have to determine if students were eligible for free or discounted lunches if they owed money for five or more meals.