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School Districts Could Soon Enact Policies To Prevent Bullying Of Transgender Students

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School districts in Washington state have policies in place to prevent harassment and bullying of students. Now, lawmakers are considering a proposal that would require school districts take special consideration of transgender students.

The measure would require that districts set new procedures to protect transgender and gender nonconforming students from discrimination by their classmates.

Lisa Keating has a transgender daughter in the Tacoma Public Schools system. She said the district’s anti-harassment policies for transgender students helped her daughter.

“It’s important to point out that a law or policies won’t stop students from verbally, emotionally or physically harming other students,” Keating said. “It’s a tool and it supports families raising trans and nonconforming students to protect their children, access resources, create safety plans and increase awareness and inclusion of their schools.”

School districts would also be required to designate a point person to deal with complaints under the new anti-harassment policy.

The bill was passed by the Senate in January and is now making its way through the House.