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Wolf Trapping Season Set To Open In Idaho

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

The gray wolf remains on state endangered species lists in Oregon and Washington. But in Idaho, the state opens wolf trapping season Nov. 15. In fact, Idaho plans to offer more tags than last year.

Idaho game managers hope sportsmen -– and women -– will help reduce the state's wolf population. Hunters and trappers bagged at least 375 wolves last year.

This year, that number may grow. Each hunter can get as many as 10 wolf tags and a trained trapper can get five.

It's still not clear how big an effect hunting is having on total wolf numbers, but the motivated hunters are boosting sales for one manufacturer.

Rocky Mountain Hunting Calls and Supplies in Kamiah, Idaho developed a wolf call, along with its elk calls and turkey calls. Sales director Kurt Howard says last year, the horn-shaped Alpha Howler sold out before hunting season was half over.

“We had three extra people here just to get caught up so we could fill back orders. It was quite the assembly line we had going.”

Howard says there’s more demand this year. Wyoming, Minnesota, and Wisconsin also legalized wolf hunts.

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