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Oregon Governor Says State Is On Track, But More To Be Done

Office of the Governor

Oregon Governor John Kitzhaber says his state is on the right track after a period of economic turmoil. But he says much remains to be done. The Democrat's comments came Monday during his annual State of the State address.

The Governor credited Oregon lawmakers for getting the state back on course following a severe budget shortfall two years ago. But Kitzhaber also noted that some parts of the state still have double digit unemployment. And he said many people with jobs are still struggling to get by. He said the legislature can play a role in turning those numbers around.

"There may be no quick fix, but you can be sure there can only be a fix with an intentional strategy that is not limited to just putting Oregonians back to work. It must also include an effort to raise per capita income back up above the national average, and to reduce poverty."

In addition to job creation strategies, lawmakers will also consider the governor's plans to cut costs in public pensions and the Oregon prison system. Democrats control both chambers of the Oregon legislature. But some in the governor's party have questioned his proposals on the public employee retirement system.