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A New State Flag For Oregon?

One bill before the Oregon legislature this year would prompt the first redesign of the state flag in nearly a century.

Gresham delivery truck driver Matt Norquist submitted his idea for a new flag to his local state senator, Laurie Monnes Anderson. The Democrat liked the idea well enough to submit it as a bill.

Norquist says his redesign would be a complete change from Oregon’s current flag.

"There are 20 state flags that are virtually indistinguishable from Oregon's. Blue background, with a state seal. And I think Oregonians deserve something a little more distinctive."

Oregon's current flag is unique in the sense that it's the only state flag with a different design on the front and the back. But Norquist says that difference is hard to see unless there's a stiff breeze.

The bill that would authorize the new flag would not require government agencies to replace their current flag until it reached the end of its normal usage cycle.

Norquist's design features the state colors, blue and gold, with the state animal, a beaver, prominently displayed in the upper left corner.

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