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Idaho Democrats Look For New Recruits On Latino, LGBT Issues

Democrats in Idaho are hoping to breathe new life into the party in this overwhelmingly Republican state. Party leaders are hitting the road with an appeal to Latino, gay and lesbian, and female voters.

In the last few months, Idaho Democrats have established caucuses to represent the interests of Latinos, gays, lesbians and transgender people, and Mormons. That's in addition to existing women's and veterans’ caucuses the party is trying to bolster.

Democrats are holding meetings and training sessions in nine cities across Idaho.

As states go, Idaho remains among the reddest of the red. Republicans dominate statewide offices, the Congressional delegation and the state legislature.

But the Idaho Democrats' executive director Sally Boynton Brown sees an opening with the state’s changing demographics. “The Democratic Party in Idaho is really going through a phase of revitalization. We're attracting more young people right now and I think young people are looking around saying, 'Something needs to change.'”

The chair of the Republican Party in Latah County, the first stop on the list, is Walter Steed. He’s not too worried about the Democrats’ efforts. “More power to ‘em,” he said.

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