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Kitzhaber Calls For Greater Prosperity For All Oregonians

Alan Sylvestre
File photo. John Kitzhaber was sworn in as Oregon governor for the fourth time on Monday.

John Kitzhaber gave a record-setting fourth inaugural speech as Oregon governor Monday.

Kitzhaber set out his goals for his fourth term in office: boost public education, infrastructure, and rural economic development and create jobs.

"But even if we are successful in meeting those goals -- and I support each and every one of them -- we will not succeed in giving all Oregonians a greater share of prosperity unless we are willing to have the courage and honesty to question one basic fact: and that is the inherent contradiction between a growing economy and the increasingly desperate plight of hundreds of thousands of our fellow Oregonians,” he said.

The Democrat begins his historic fourth term with a growing economy and increasing revenue, and Democratic majorities in both chambers of the legislature.

Kitzhaber gave his address to the state house and senate in blue jeans and western boots with his fiancee Cylvia Hayes at his side.