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Kitzhaber 'No Longer Young ... But Still Idealistic' At Fourth Inauguration

Alan Sylvestre
File photo of Oregon Governor John Kitzhaber

Democratic Governor John Kitzhaber made Oregon history Monday as he was inaugurated for a fourth term.

In a speech to the legislature Kitzhaber spoke about economic recovery, and lessons from his 36 years in politics.

"I have learned that advancing the common good cannot be done from Salem but only by engaging people where they live and showing them that they have a stake in the problem and a sense of ownership in the solution,” the governor said. “After 36 years I am certainly no longer young, and I’m certainly no longer naïve, but I am certainly idealistic.”

Kitzhaber spoke about his political inspirations -- his father, and the late Senator Bobby Kennedy.

The governor begins his fourth term with an improving economy and Democratic majorities in the state House and Senate.