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Oregon Now Has Third Major Political Party


The Oregon Secretary of State announced Monday that the state now has a third major political party. The Independent Party has achieved the status that until now, was enjoyed by only Democrats and Republicans.

More than five percent of registered Oregon voters now belong to the Independent Party. Critics say the party has grown in part because some people signed up by accident, thinking they were registering as unaffiliated with any party. But party officials say it’s because people are looking for a viable third option.

Sal Peralta is the Oregon Independent Party secretary. He said the milestone will raise visibility.

"It will create more opportunities for us to recruit candidates,” Peralta said. “I think it will be easier somewhat to recruit higher-profile candidates."

Having major party status means that the state will pay for the Independent Party primary in 2016, just like it pays for the Democratic and Republican primaries.

But the party needs to keep five percent of all registered voters in order to maintain its status.