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Federal Subpoena Sought Records On Employee With Past Connection To State Auditor

Washington Legislature
Washington State Auditor Troy Kelley

The Washington State Auditor’s office has released a federal grand jury subpoena it received earlier this month.

The subpoena sought information about Jason Jerue, a staff member who had worked with auditor Troy Kelley’s private business. The subpoena also demanded emails between Jerue and anyone else in the Auditor’s office about possible crime and any communications about Jerue’s prior employment at Kelley’s old real estate services company, Post Closing Department.

Attorney Scott Smith sued Kelley on behalf of Old Republic Title in 2010 alleging misappropriation of funds.

“The Post Closing Department was the business name of Kelley’s reconveyance tracking company and it employed Jason Jerue," Smith said in a phone interview. "He was essentially Kelley’s right hand person and would know as much or more about the business than anybody else other than Kelley.”

Last Monday, federal agents searched Kelley’s house. Kelley said in a statement he was out of town on vacation. He has not responded to calls for comment.