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Dispatches from public radio's correspondent at the Oregon Legislature. This is a venue for political and policy coverage of the state government in Salem and its impact on the people of Oregon.

Oregon DMV Now Accepts Plastic

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File photo. It's not just cash or check at Oregon DMV anymore. All field offices now take credit and debit cards.

You can now use your credit or debit card when you visit the DMV in Oregon. The agency is now accepting plastic at all 60 of its field offices.

You could already use a credit card online to conduct business with the Oregon DMV, but pull out your Visa or Mastercard at the counter and you'd be out of luck. Specifically, you'd be pointed to an ATM in the corner.

The DMV started installing credit and debit card readers at its field offices in May. The agency doesn't tack on a fee for paying with plastic, but the credit card companies charge the state around two percent per transaction.

That's money that won't be going into the state highway fund.

In Washington, most driver licensing offices operated by the Department of Licensing accept credit and debit cards. Unlike Oregon, customers in Washington are charged an extra fee to use their card. The fee is $2 per transaction for debit customers. Credit card customers are charged a fee of $2 or more, depending on the amount of their transaction.