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Hamilton Elector Supporters Few, But Outspoken In Spokane

The Electoral College will cast ballots Monday at noon. The first elector to proclaim himself ‘faithless’ is from Washington state. Since then, others have joined him.

People who want reform in the election process gathered for rallies, demonstrations and vigils across the nation and even in France over the weekend.

Among them were three outspoken protestors in Spokane -- on the east side of the Evergreen State, where the majority voted Republican this year. They turned out to protest despite the frigid temperatures.

“I’ve been protesting since the 60s -- on again, off again,” Alice Semingson said. “We kind of hoped that we wouldn't have to do this again I think, but here we are.”

“We’re watching our country being destroyed. Its not fun at all,” Jax Sclay said. “What we’re trying to draw attention to is the fact that it's the Electoral College that actually elects the president and they can vote for whoever they wish. There is no federal law that requires them to vote for the individual they are supposedly pledged to.”

“People (who drive by) are responding,” Sclay added. “The vast majority show support for our message, what we’re doing and what we’re saying.”

“And the occasional middle finger,” Cynthia Hamilton said with a laugh.

“It was Teddy Roosevelt who said it is really a citizen’s duty to criticize the president and it was unpatriotic not to do so,” Sclay said.

“And at one time Trump said it was terrible, ‘it’s a disaster,’ the Electoral College,” Semingson said.

“During the last election,” Hamilton added.

“And now he says it's genius only because he has won the electoral vote,” Sclay said. “He hasn't won the electoral college because they haven't voted yet.”