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Inslee Ready To Resist Trump Administration

Jeanie Lindsay
Northwest News Network
Washington Gov. Jay Inslee met with the press Thursday and discussed how the state will move forward under President Trump.

From climate change to people living in the country illegally, Washington Gov. Jay Inslee doesn’t see eye-to-eye with the Trump administration. In a press briefing Thursday, questions swirled around the federal government’s plans on many issues, including immigration.

The governor said Washington state will continue on its current path.

Inslee insisted that forcing police officers to question people on their immigration status when they respond to calls could put the public’s safety at risk.

“When they show up at a scene of a domestic violence dispute, they want people to be able to come to them and tell them what happened,” Inslee said. “And if people don’t trust them -- to think they’re mini-I.C.E. agents -- people don’t talk to the police.”

Inslee went on to say that current state patrol protocols do not require officers to ask about immigration status, and will not, any time soon.

The governor also expressed his support for keeping undocumented college students in the state, commonly known as “Dreamers,” from being “yanked out of the classroom.”

Inslee’s comments come after President Trump signed a series of executive orders this week. Some of those include preparations for a new wall along the Mexican border, and adding 10,000 immigration officers to help find, interrogate, and detain non-citizens.