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Dispatches from public radio's correspondent at the Oregon Legislature. This is a venue for political and policy coverage of the state government in Salem and its impact on the people of Oregon.

Oregon's Kicker Is Projected To Kick

Oregon DOT

Oregonians could be getting a kicker when they file their taxes next year. State economists said Tuesday that revenues for the current budget cycle are on track to exceed projections by a wide enough margin to trigger Oregon's unique kicker law.

But state economist Mark McMullen said it's not a sure thing just yet.

"This is a little bit maddening for this forecast, because we're coming up to the very end of the biennium, we only have a few weeks left,” he said. “But we're still not 100 percent sure, not even close to 100 percent sure, that we will actually have a kicker."

The economic forecast also showed that state coffers are expected to be about $187 million fatter over the next two years than the previous forecast showed.

That means the budget shortfall for the next two years is a bit smaller than previously thought. It’s down to about $1.4 billion.