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Hundreds Rally On Oregon Capitol Steps In Support Of More Corporate Taxation

Hundreds of people gathered on the front steps of the Oregon Capitol in Salem Tuesday to support increased funding for state services like education, health care and public safety.

State lawmakers are currently considering a business tax to help plug a budget gap. Financial officers with the state estimate it could raise nearly $800 million over the next two years.??

Mary Doyon took a bus from Eugene with fellow senior citizens to take part in the rally. ??

“We are here today because the tax structure is too lopsided,” she said. “The corporations and large businesses have not been paying their fair share. They have a broad range of loopholes and exemptions that they use quite expertly, leaving the tab to be picked up by ordinary people.”??

Unionized employees, educators, and political activists were among the crowd. They say Oregon doesn’t tax corporations enough and that the state could use that money for public services.

The crowd chanted “Oregon Can’t Wait,” as they passed through the Capitol building.