As Another Eyman Initiative Passes, Legal Challenge Looms

Nov 4, 2015

Washington voters appear to have given the thumbs up to another Tim Eyman tax-limiting measure. But the courts could get the final say.

Initiative 1366 would reduce the state sales tax by a penny unless Washington lawmakers send voters a constitutional amendment requiring a two-thirds vote for tax hikes.

Paul Lawrence, an attorney with Pacifica Law Group, argued 1366 violates the single subject rule for initiatives and runs afoul of the requirement that the legislature initiate constitutional amendments. He said a court challenge to keep it from becoming law is now likely.

“The idea would be to seek an expedited, quick resolution so that you’d get a decision by the time the legislature starts meeting in January,” Lawrence said.

An attorney for Eyman said he has a “high level of confidence” the measure can withstand any legal challenge.