Bipartisan Coalition To Take Control Of Washington Senate?

Dec 10, 2012

OLYMPIA, Wash. – Washington is currently a Democratic one party rule state. But that could change this week. A possible challenge to the Democrats' tenuous control of the Washington state senate could emerge. Senate Republicans have called a news conference Monday morning at the Capitol. A bipartisan group of senators is expected make an announcement regarding the leadership of the state’s upper chamber. All it would take is two Democratic senators to join with Republicans to create a philosophical majority. Previously, Democratic Senators Rodney Tom, of Medina, and Tim Sheldon, of Potlatch in Mason County, hinted they might join with Republicans to force a power sharing agreement in the Senate. Sheldon confirmed Sunday night to our Olympia Correspondent Austin Jenkins that he plans to attend the Republican-called news conference. Senator Tom did not respond to a message.