Communications Breakdown Delayed Response After Contamination At Hanford

Dec 20, 2017

Upper managers didn’t know that some radioactive waste had gotten outside of bounds at a Hanford demolition site for more than a day. And that delay could have worsened the spread of contamination.

When workers found radioactive waste in areas where it shouldn’t have been, they did everything right. Everything, except notify higher managers. And that delay could have worsened the spread.

Now, dozens of yellow blobs mark up a fresh map showing where officials have found contamination where it shouldn’t be. And 14 cars have also been found to have be contaminated. Seven of those are personal vehicles and at least two have been off site into town. One has contamination inside the car.

Now at least 7 homes around town are on schedule to be inspected thoroughly. And demolition work has stopped at the Plutonium Finishing Plant, where the escaped radioactive waste was first found.

The Department of Energy has had multiple requests from workers for fecal lab tests.