Elway Poll: Undecideds Key To Latest Eyman Initiative

Oct 19, 2015

The latest Elway Poll released Monday showed Initiative 1366, a tax-limiting measure on Washington’s November ballot, is tied. Sixteen percent of Washington voters said they’re still not sure how they’ll vote.

The latest offering from anti-tax activist Tim Eyman, I-1366 would cut the state sales tax from 6.5 percent to 5.5 percent unless lawmakers send voters a constitutional amendment to require a two-thirds vote for tax hikes.

Pollster Stuart Elway said support for the measure dropped seven points over the summer to 42 percent.

“The trend line is notable,” Elway said. “But the caveat is there’s still 16 percent out there who are either undecided or won’t tell us.”

Elway added that historically, undecided voters have favored Eyman tax initiatives.

Support for the other measure on Washington’s fall ballot has also slipped, but not by much. Initiative 1401 would make it a state crime to traffic in endangered species. The Paul Allen-funded measure enjoys a three-to-one approval rating going into the election.