Fundraisers Galore As Washington Campaigns Kick Into High Gear

Sep 21, 2014

The 2014 election is about six weeks away. That means campaigns are kicking into high gear and asking their funders to help them cross the finish line.

File photo of the Washington Capitol Building in Olympia
Credit Colin Fogarty / Northwest News Network files

If you’re a lobbyist or regular campaign contributor this is the time of year your email in-box fills with invitations. There are cocktail hours, receptions, dinners, and even something called a “Stache Bash.” That particular invite featured Speaker of the House Frank Chopp sporting his famous moustache.

This year all Washington House members and about half of state Senators are running. Senate Democrats are hosting a “Take Back the Senate” fundraiser in Tacoma. A Senate Republican candidate is inviting guests to the horse tracks for a “Sprint to the Finish” breakfast.

Sometimes the food is the draw -- Democrats and Republicans have both hosted salmon bakes this year. Sometimes it’s a famous person like travel guru Rick Steves.

This year in Washington no statewide offices are up. But Governor Jay Inslee is already looking ahead to 2016. He’s hosting a “nearing the halfway point” fundraiser.