Inslee Signs Washington State Capital Budget, Hirst Fix 

Jan 19, 2018

Washington Gov. Jay Inslee Friday signed the state’s long-awaited $4.3 billion construction budget.

The capital budget had been tied up in a partisan battle over how to manage water resources. Legislative leaders reached an agreement on that issue earlier this week paving the way for the capital budget to pass.

The Legislature has been in session for only two weeks. Inslee said lawmakers are on pace to enact a great deal of important legislation.

“Breakfast after the Bell, pay equity for women, voting rights and voting registration, protection for religious minorities, prescription drug transparency,” Inslee said. “Those bills are moving very quickly so I’m pleased to the progress being made as opposed to the difficulties in the other Washington, D.C.”

Inslee said he wishes the capital budget had been signed sooner. It will restart funding for projects across Washington including some to expand affordable housing and mental health facilities.