Lawmakers had a fight so bad, they came back in August to say, 'we good?' 

Aug 9, 2017

Lawmakers in Washington state had a fight so bad last month, they got together in a basement conference room Wednesday.

First you need to know what happened back in July. The Washington Legislature adjourned its third overtime session without passing a capital construction budget and without addressing a Supreme Court decision that’s left some property owners unable to drill a drinking water well.

Lawmakers headed home tired and, in some cases, mad. Which brings us to this August meeting. “I asked people to come back together to kind of regroup,”Republican state Sen. Judy Warnick said.

She insists on a fix to the well drilling situation before there’s a capital budget. Warnick would like to see a deal come together by early September.

But Democratic state Rep. Larry Springer thinks that’s optimistic.

“This will be a slow process because we’re simply not here so it’s just hard getting people together,” he said.

In other words don’t expect lawmakers to make a habit of meeting in basement conference rooms in August.