Moscow, Pullman Hospitals To Perform Gender Affirming Surgeries

Sep 11, 2017

Two small-town hospitals in the Palouse have announced they plan to offer gender confirmation surgeries. The same surgeon would offer the procedure at Pullman Regional Hospital and Gritman Medical Center in nearby Moscow, Idaho.

Some in Moscow are excited that the hard-to-get gender confirmation surgeries will be offered in their rural towns—mostly known for growing wheat and the University of Idaho and the Washington State Cougars.

The pastor of a large conservative church there has asked his members who work at the hospital to opt out of helping with the surgeries.

The closest other popular places to get the procedure include Portland and San Francisco. Many people even travel abroad to avoid a years-long wait. And the prep, surgery and aftercare can be extensive. The patient often has to to live near the clinic or travel long distances.

Both hospitals said they aren’t sure yet when they will begin offering the surgeries.

The doctor still has to go through some last training and get certified by the medical staff of both hospitals. 

Some transgender Northwest residents say having the procedure closer to home, and more doctors in the region that can perform it, is a real service to the Inland Northwest transgender community. 

There are many types of surgeries performed for transgender people. The two Palouse hospitals are specifically pursuing offering vaginoplasty.