Oregon Health Care Provider Tax Opponents Turn In Ample Signatures

Oct 5, 2017

A group trying to overturn a recently created health care tax turned in more than enough signatures Thursday to send the issue to Oregon voters.

The group is led by three Republican state representatives. They turned in more than 84,000 signatures. They needed around 59,000. The state elections division has a month to determine whether enough are valid for the referendum to make the ballot.

Supporters of the tax on hospitals and insurance companies say overturning it would strip health care coverage from 350,000 low-income Oregonians.

Rep. Julie Parrish disputes that number. And she said higher health care taxes will be passed on to middle-class families.  

“There’s another population of people who could lose their health care,” Parrish said. “It’s the people who are paying full freight for their own health care.”  

If enough signatures are valid, the tax would go before Oregon voters on January 23.