Pot Shops in Bend Are Only Recreational Option East of the Cascades

Oct 1, 2015

As of Thursday, recreational marijuana is legal in Oregon. However, if you’re in Eastern Oregon, you face a long drive to score some legal bud.

Bend is the only town east of the Cascades, currently offering recreational marijuana products. Cash Smith owns Top Shelf Medicine, a pot shop in Bend. He said he’s been seeing customers from as far away as Idaho.

“A lot of the outlying communities did not go rec, so people are going to travel to the areas that there is recreational,” Smith said. “Us being on the highway, and them traveling in, we’re one of the first ones that they come to as they’re coming into Bend.”

There are a smattering of marijuana dispensaries in Oregon east of Bend, but they only sell to people with medical marijuana cards.

Adults from out of state can buy weed in Oregon. But, they’d be wise to consume it in Oregon. For example, bringing it back into Idaho could mean a $1,000 fine and up to a year in jail.