Washington To Consider Special DUI Driver License, Alcohol Bracelet

Apr 16, 2013

OLYMPIA, Wash. – Repeat drunk drivers in Washington may soon carry a scarlet letter driver license and have to wear an alcohol detection bracelet. Those are just two of the requirements contained in DUI legislation proposed Tuesday in Olympia.

The bipartisan plan follows two recent drunk driving tragedies in the Seattle area.

House Public Safety Chair Roger Goodman says the ankle bracelet detects alcohol consumption and alerts authorities. “The choice is six months in jail on your second offense, one year in jail on your third offense or wear the bracelet, go to treatment, put the ignition interlock on your car [and] you can live your life you just have to live it alcohol free.”

Third time drunk drivers would also be prohibited from purchasing alcohol for ten years and have to carry a special DUI driver’s license.

In addition, Washington lawmakers and Governor Jay Inslee propose to treat drunk driving like a domestic violence incident with mandatory arrest and booking into jail.

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