Washington Ledge: Senate Ds Offer Rs One More Seat On Committees

Nov 27, 2012

In recognition of their tenuous majority, Senate Democrats have proposed to give minority Republicans an additional seat on each policy committee, including the budget-writing Ways and Means committee. That would mean Democrats would have just a one vote advantage over Republicans. "No majority, Republican or Democratic, has allowed for such a narrow split in at least a decade," says a Democratic Caucus press release. 

Senate Democrats have also proposed to create a new Committee on Education Finance and Results that would have an equal number of Democrats and Republicans and co-chairs from each party. The Committee would focus on finding a way to comply with the recent Supreme Court ruling that found Washington is not adequately funding basic education.

Two conservative Democrats, Senators Rodney Tom and Tim Sheldon, previously proposed a power-sharing deal in the State Senate. There's even been talk of a philosophical majority of Republicans and conservative Democrats forming to elect Senator Tom majority leader

Senate Democrats recently elected Senator Ed Murray as majority leader. 

I'll add reaction from Republicans when I get it.