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Hindu Prayer Opens Idaho Senate Despite Objections From Some Republicans

Rajan Zed
Hindu statesman Rajan Zed of Reno, Nevada, delivered the opening prayer at the Idaho Senate Tuesday.

The Idaho Senate began with a Hindu prayer today, delivered in English and Sanskrit by guest chaplain Rajan Zed.

The Idaho House and Senate traditionally open each daily session with a prayer.

North Idaho Sen. Steve Vick of Dalton Gardens made good on his promise to sit out what’s believed to be the Idaho Senate’s first Hindu prayer. Over the weekend Vick criticized the decision to allow it. He said it undermines the United States’ Judeo-Christian foundation.

Two other Republican senators, Lori Den Hartog of Meridian and Sheryl Nuxoll of Cottonwood, who arrived late on the floor told the Associated Press they also chose to skip the prayer.