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School districts in Washington state have policies in place to prevent harassment and bullying of students. Now, lawmakers are considering a proposal that would require school districts take special consideration of transgender students.

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Idaho ranks consistently among the top states with the highest rates of youth suicide in the nation.

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The Idaho House passed an anti-bullying measure Monday after some impassioned pleas from several lawmakers -- who talked about the experiences of their own children.

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A bill that would establish an expectation for Idaho schools to intervene when a kid is bullied is headed to the Idaho House floor.

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A bipartisan bill in the Idaho legislature would train teachers to deal with bullying and require them to intervene when they see it happen.


The definition of bullying in Washington could be expanded to include any act of "emotional harm" against a student.

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A north Idaho school district is launching a campaign to curb bullying. The effort includes curriculum changes and focus groups with a cross section of student cliques.