TV viewers who use an over-the-air antenna in the Pacific Northwest should find and run the rescan menu command.
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Are you missing your favorite TV channel? Some over-the-air signals in Western Washington, greater Portland and the Tri-Cities region switched frequencies this month. Fortunately, it should be easy to get channels back if they disappeared from your screen.


Washington state's attorney general wants to know if emergency response was delayed to anyone during a nearly statewide 911 outage late last month. The accounts of victims, if there are any, could figure into a penalty against call network manager CenturyLink.

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Washington state lawmakers vowed to protect net neutrality after the Federal Communications Commission rolled back the Obama-era regulations. Now that effort is making progress.

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The Federal Communications Commission is trying to consolidate broadcast TV spectrum in order to free up more bandwidth for wireless data transmission. The initial bids to buy back the airwaves used by some Northwest TV stations reach hundreds of millions of dollars.

File photo of a 911 dispatcher
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This week, the four biggest mobile carriers met a voluntary deadline to be ready to allow consumers to text to 911. But don't try that in an emergency just yet.