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Vancouver Economic Commission

We don't know if the pandemic has a happy ending, but British Columbia is delivering a surprise plot twist courtesy of its film industry. Filming of TV shows and movies is going gangbusters in the Vancouver area this fall, exceeding pre-pandemic levels.

Penguin Books/ The Weinstein Company

A Northwest author is hoping the movie rights to his recent nonfiction bestseller shift away from The Weinstein Company. The Hollywood studio's upcoming bankruptcy court auction may offer an opening.


As campaign slogans go, it was a good one: "Keep Zombies in Washington."

And it worked in the end. The Washington Legislature late Friday voted to renew the state's film production tax breaks.

Fox Searchlight

The list of iconic movies filmed at least partly in Oregon is long. It includes “The Goonies,” “Animal House,” and more recently, “Wild” starring Reese Witherspoon.

Austin Jenkins / Northwest News Network

A cast of characters from Washington’s TV and film industry descended on Olympia Tuesday seeking an expanded tax credit for the film industry.

Saratov Films

In 1998, two Mormon missionaries, including one from Oregon, were kidnapped in Russia. Their dramatic tale is now the subject of a movie that’s setting box office records in a specific genre this fall.

Hollywood Seeks Double The Oregon Tax Incentives

May 3, 2013
Jimmy Emerson / Flickr

Film and video producers are asking Oregon lawmakers to help make the state more attractive to their industry. One measure under consideration would double the amount of tax credits available to production companies who choose Oregon locations.

Dana Millican says once or twice a week, someone in Portland recognizes her. You might, too, if you've seen the chicken farm sketch on the TV show "Portlandia."