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Oregon House Votes To Expand Self-Service Gas

Mar 30, 2017
Chris Lehman / Northwest News Network

Gas stations in eastern Oregon could offer self-service gas around the clock under a measure that passed the Oregon House 56-0 Thursday. For decades, Oregon and New Jersey were the only states that banned most drivers from pumping their own fuel. Two years ago, Oregon lawmakers backed away from that ban, but only for rural counties and only at night. The idea was to prevent drivers from getting stranded in a small town where the only station had closed for the day. The new law would allow those rural stations to offer self-serve around the clock.

Chris Lehman / Northwest News Network

Oregon lawmakers are considering a proposal that would open the door to allowing more people to pump their own gas. It's an expansion of a previous loosening of the state's ban on self-service gasoline.

Chris Lehman / Northwest News Network

A quirky fact about Oregon is that it's one of only two states in the nation that don't allow most drivers to pump their own fuel. But that's going to change in 2016 -- in a limited way. / Flickr

Anyone who drives through Oregon knows that the state doesn't let people pump their own gas.